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Apart from providing services as private guide for extreme itineraries, Adrenalena also arranges small private expeditions.

Here is a list of expeditions that are currently available for sign-up, and will be carried out during the coming time. Difficulty is given on a scale from 1 to 6.

1: Very easy
2: Easy
3: Medium, a smaller challenge for an average physically fit person
4: Challenging trip, might require a training program
5: Very hard, quite extreme
6: Extreme adventure, a full-blown expedition

Crossing the Ice Cap of Greenland by skis (6)
Experience the Ice Cap of Greenland, short trip to the ice edge (1-4)
Mountaineering in Greenland, attempt on untouched summit (5-6)
Svalbard: custom adventures with armed interpreter. (1-6)
Sarek, ski expedition with an attempt of several peaks. (3-5)

Custom trips to Western and Eastern Ukraine (2-3)
All trips will be combined with a humanitarian contribution
Most destinations are available, contact for more info

Caucasus and the nearby areas:
Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan (2-5)
Peak Laila, Georgia (3-4)
Randonnee skiing in Svanteti area, winter (3-6)

Mountaneering in Northern Sweden and Norway (1-6)
Kebnekaise, South summit (3)
Kebnekaise, South summit and traverse to North summit (4)
Experience Sweden, depends on time and budget (1-6)
Experience Norway, depends on time and budget (1-6)

Russia: NO TRIPS
All former trips are cancelled.

Adrenalena advises strongly against spending money on tourism in terrorist states.
No trip orders are taken.

African continent:
Kilimanjaro climb (3-5)
Safari, sightseeing, surfing, road trips - on request (1-5)
Other destinations on request, including sailing

Sailing trip in the Arctic (3-4)
Sailing in Oceania (3)
Sailing in Black Sea, Scandinavia, Arctic, Caribbean, South Pacific - depending on budget and time available. (1-6)
Delivery trips in Scandinavia and rest of Europe negotiable.

Climbing and mountaineering:
Mountaineering in Caucasus, Arctic, Alps (3-6)
Climbing/mountaineering expeditions all around the world (3-6)
Mountains in Greenland and Svalbard with armed guide (3-6)
Ice-climbing in Sweden or Norway (4-5)

To check availability, dates and prices, and to sign up to an expedition, use

Can't find your dream destination? Hoping for another itinerary? Just send a mail, an expedition can be formed and designed just for you. The adventures await everywhere, no matter if you travel alone, with your soulmate, or if there is a whole group of adventure-loving individuals. Guide services are available on demand.

Adrenalena is available for assignments as a guide, expedition planner, interpreter/translator, local door-opener, and adventure magnet.

Lena takes on assignments depending on availability and location. Please contact with suggestions!

Here are some of Adrenalena's previous assignments. Trips between 2017-2020 are described in the blog. 

Autumn 2017:
Eastern European tour
Guide for a writer/blogger. Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and more, border roads and military focus.

Summer 2017: 
Svalbard, Spitsbergen.
Arctic sailing and arctic exploration. Guide in Longyearbyen, Barentsburg and areas around, by boat and by foot. Guide for 2 subsequent groups.

February 2017: 
Kaliningrad, Russia.
Guide a writer/journalist: cathedrals, city life, Russian Navy museum, and much more. Interpreter, guide, local knowledge.

Autumn 2016: 
Caucasus, Georgia.
საქართველო. Black Sea coast and Caucasus mountains just south of Russian border. Guide/interpreter

Summer 2016:
East Coast of Greenland. Glacier instructor and guide, mountaineering guide, armed escort for 2 tourist groups.

Summer 2016:
Caucasus, Elbrus.
Guide for group of 4, full group summit 5642 m. Expedition planning, guide, interpreter

Summer 2016:
Kyshtym, Chelyabinsk, Russia.
Guide / stalker, interpreter, adventure magnet. Private assignment for a book research.

Multiple trips to Russia.
Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Siberia and others. Guide, organiser, interpreter, local door-opener.

September 2015: 
Besseggen, Norway
Organiser, planner and guide for 14 people

February 2014: 
Sochi, Russia. Olympic Games.
Private guide, interpreter, adventure magnet

July 2015:
Elbrus, Caucasus
Summonned, organized and planned the trip, successful summit with group of 3. Interpreter whenever needed.

March 2016:
Costa Rica
Trip organizer, local knowledge, occasional interpreter. Surfing, motorcycling, boating, wild nature, national parks here

June 2015: 
Slogen, Norway
Called together a trip for 4 persons. All summited the regular route. Led ridge traverse + snow climb of the last bit for 3 people, all summited.

October 2012: 
Organized and executed conference+adventure trip for 12 persons. 4 days, Northern Lights, geysers, waterfalls, super4WD, Eyjafjallajökull volcano etc!

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