Lectures and coaching

Adrenalena, live interview, open ceremony for Director & Career Magazine, Stockholm, 2015

Lena gives lectures in Sweden and abroad, to small and large audiences. To book a lecture, a workshop or a personal coaching session, please use lena@adrenalena.se

Suggestions for lectures:
  • To set goals and to reach them. "If you are not afraid of your dreams - you are not dreaming big enough"
  • Motivation of others vs motivation of self: tools for management and adventurers alike
  • Fear: a dissection
  • Daring to live the life you want
  • Adventures of all choices - specific or general
  • Living off the grid
  • Sailing around the world
Suggestions for training sessions:
  • Motivation for your employees: driving mechanisms, applied
  • Discover motivational drivers within your group and yourself
  • Organisational changes through driving group behavior
Lena also takes PT customers and does one-time or systematic life coaching. Spots available upon request.

Lectures, workshops and training for mountaineering, sailing or arctic adventures are available. 

Feel free to contact with a suggestion or a booking.

Lecturing in Eskilstuna, 2017