Whiskey sailing

I am a fan of single-malt whiskey, and these areas of the whiskey world are my favorites. In fact, this leg of the trip was designed to pass these areas for a reason. This is great sailing ground for those who enjoy the drink.

The distilleries in Islay were conveniently located next to each other, white buildings covered by black mold that lives off whiskey fumes.

Jura destillery

Oban destillery

My favourite - Laphroaig destillery
And a bonus, for those who prefer malt beverages in a slightly less strong form

For the perfect whiskey experience, do the research prior to arrival, find the distilleries you want to visit, and check opening times as these may vary. Oban, Jura and Port Ellen are all good sailing spots, with a possible challenge of very strong tidal streams. The distilleries on the West coast of Scotland give much rougher sailing which is not for beginners.

From here, I went on South and continued my circumnavigation. See here for more posts!