I organized the trip to Besseggen and went there with my colleagues, as a part of an internal conference. We were 14 people in total. One had unfortunately dropped off at the start - the person was a smoker, and the first uphill took its toll.

We took the boat from Gjendesheim to Memurubu; booking the boat beforehand through the hotel made magic. Otherwise, we would be stuck there, waiting for standby ticket, probably not even travelling by the same boat all of us. Peak season may mean queues and delays.

The weather was nice, and the hike was very picturesque. At the toughest part, there was a bit of trouble with people unused to great heights, and the unprotected scrambling at the several-hundred meter deep abyss did not make it better! I carried double backpacks to help, and stayed by the person's side to facilitate an immediate support, also create a visible reference point. If one is to step far outside the comfort zone, it is important to support it in every way so it won't backfire. Everyone in the group were helping each other, making sure everyone had a good experience. Altogether, it was a great team-building exercise. 

All partakers made ut down unharmed and happy, although a bit tired. For some, this was a Sunday stroll. For some, it was the most challenging hike they have ever done. Yet it was a beautiful experience for everyone.

This time I acted as guide and expedition setter-upper for a group of 14, instead of the usual 2 to 6 total.

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