Current adventures and plans

I came back from the latest adventure a month ago, where I was a guide and interpreter in the Caucasus. This picture is from the mountains area just a few kilometers away from Elbrus where I now have been twice. Many plans were born this time, and I am coming back to this area for both summer and winter adventures.


During the past weeks, I have been planning the next sailing adventures and discussing several possible routes, one of them being Cape of Good Hope - St Helena - Cape Verde and onward. I have also been busy with some creative projects, and gear maintenance. I've helped a friend to choose and purchase a good solid sailing boat, and booked the boat delivery gig as soon as the season starts.

I have also been approached by a TV production company, which does adventure shows for National Geographic and Discovery Channel. I have been interviewed about aspects of extreme sailing and boat deliveries. Will be exciting to see what end product this evolves to.

Really looking forward to next adventures! I will fly across the pond in December for a short visit to New York, and have considered to use that as a jump-off for continuing to my favorite surfing spots in Central America. Open for short gigs in the whole of the US/Caribbean, too.