Happy holidays!

For the first time in years, I will not travel off for adventure during the Winter holidays, but stay home and have a family celebration. I am using this time for work out, some small gigs in Sweden, and for adventure administration.

On this day, before the Christmas eve, I have already celebrated. First, I ran a Coopers test. This is a test that measures the overall condition and physical fitness. You warm up, and then run your fastest during 12 minutes. Here are the tables to determine the level of condition, based on age and sex. I have managed to beat the maximum level mentioned for my age group, which was a nice surprise. I did some 30 situps right away while at maximum pulse, before leaving the track.

I then celebrated further by taking a dip in the December cold water of the Lygnern Lake. The photo may look nice and sunny, but it's just a couple of degrees above freezing point. The pink hue of my skin is due to cold, not heat - there was no sauna nearby. I then dressed and drove home.

Just ot from the December dip in Swedish lake Lygnern. Happy holidays!