Current training period

This is me after training, middle of January 2017. Photo creds
During the past months I have been preparing for the challenges of the year to come, through frequent workout.

Here are stats for the 6 weeks (42 days) since I came back from the UK sailing. 11 rest days during that period gives a steady training pace with lots of restitution.

On the training days, a minimum has been 20-25 minutes high intensity workout. The maximum was 4 hours low-intensity martial arts sessions, with some extra weight lifting just before. On average then, I have about 80 minutes workout on the training days. Roughly an hour a day, if I also include the rest days into the equation.

I am not a routine person, so I do not have a "workout routine". I do stuff that make me stronger in ways that I can apply during adventures. Of course, I follow best practices for the different muscle groups, and interchange them for the sake of restitution. But the routine is different depending on what the rest of my day looks like, and what I feel most need for.

These weeks, the workout has been mostly weight lifting, long-distance running, a bit of climbing and martial techniques, and a lot of heavy hiking routines: as much incline as possible (up to 15%), a fast pace (up to 6 km/h), and carrying up to 25 kg extra weight. This trains legs, core, cardio condition, and most importantly mental perseverance - what you will need the most during the hardest trials.