Upcoming Svalbard events and sailing, June 2017

Approaching the icy Svalbard by boat, summer 2015
An open expedition to Svalbard is coming up! You can join for a short event or a longer sailing, depending on your availability.
The short and exciting events are designed for those with less or no sailing experience: a taste of traditions, arctic sailing, and wild nature. There will be a big fire, new friends, and new experiences.

Both events are three days only, but you can arrive earlier or leave later, Svalbard has a lot to offer and there's a possibility to add more adventures before and after, see the links.
Svalbard is the absolute Northernmost part of Europe, there is nothing more than the North Pole if you go further. This place and its inhabitants are unlike anything else on Earth. The midnight sun stands high, the arctic temperatures will be comfortable (above zero), and there will be an arctic guide (myself) who speaks Swedish, Norwegian, English and Russian in case you want to have a chat with the folks living in the Russian enclave or get a thorough introduction of the area.
I have sailed Svalbard before (read about it here and here), and will be happy to tell you more. I will also make sure you are appropriately protected against the polar bears, and will carry a rifle as your personal guard. It is illegal to be outside of the Svalbard cities without a firearm for protection.
The longer expeditions are all about more extreme arctic sailing, and are not for beginners! You can go from North Norwegian Tromsø to Svalbard (info here), explore the tough Northern Spitsbergen (info here), or sail from Longyearbyen to Hornsund (info here).

Contact me by e-mailing lena@adrenalena.se to get more info and to book.