This season's deliveries

Preparation - laying out routes along the Swedish West coast
I will be doing a few boat deliveries this Spring, and covering them in a video diary that is a project for a TV production company cooperating with Discovery Channel and Entertainment One.

The first delivery will start tomorrow, and will be done between two Nordic countries. It's a 27 ft sailing boat from early 1970. The weather will be wet and chilly, but there are a few hide-out places along the route in case a major storm would come in.

The second delivery is from Southern Sweden, northwards. As it looks like right now, I will be single-handling. But in case there is crew that wants to share the adventure, you are welcome to contact me at

The third one I was asked about is from UK to Spain, across the Bay of Biscay. I have previously sailed that (slightly dangerous) leg and was asked to join the sailing as crew to give some competency. I may or may not have time for this sailing, depending on the other ones and how much time they will take. Another possibility is to join in Spain and sail the boat to the South along Portuguese coast. The ultimate destination of this Bavaria sloop is the Mediterranean.

There were possibilities to sail a steel ketch up along the Norwegian coast and to the Arctic, but I will definitely not have time to do that. I will be getting back to Arctic Norway later this season.

In June-July, the Arctic sailing and mountaineering season starts. At that time, the deliveries will be completed, the video footage sent for processing, and I will be on top of the Arctic, taking a small group with me. Also, I am visiting Svalbard and organizing an open event during the Summer Solstice. A couple of places are still available, see info here. There will be some beginner sailing and exploration.

I will be giving several lectures, about adventures and sailing - and on self development, in Stockholm and Eskilstuna. I am currently bookable for lectures and coaching during limited periods until end of June.

In July, I will begin the biggest adventure for this year (and one of the biggest I have ever done), stay tuned - I will post some more info here.

Finally, as the Northern Hemisphere summer season ends, the Southern Hemisphere summer just begins! In October, I will deliver a yacht from Fiji to New Zealand. Once again - I have sailed Fiji previously, but this time the next destination is a bit farther off.

From mid-October, I am once again available for bookings considering deliveries, expeditions, and lectures.