Follow this summer’s arctic adventures

During this summer, my plan was to sail the North-East passage, which follows Russia’s northern coast.

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I will blog about it here, in partnership with Cornucopia?, which is Sweden’s largest independent blog about economy, environment, society, politics and more. The first post was uploaded yesterday, stay tuned for more!

I will videoblog about it here, in partnership with Polar Cape. Polar Cape is a European IT consultancy company, with headquarters in Stockholm, known for their awards of being the best place to work for, and their constant efforts on improving themselves and the world.

Until I am back from adventure: I may not have access to internet or social media during periods of time, and may not always have phone coverage. Otherwise, you can follow me on Twitter (@thewicked) or Instagram (@adrenalenaadventures), as well as on my official Facebook page

This year, the regulations for passing the Northern Sea Route in Russia have changed. This is bad news for me. I am looking at alternative ways to travel the area and will keep you posted. All info will be posted in the above channels.