Touch base before sailing forth

Hey you! Don't lose focus! Dinghy duty, Arctic Ocean.
Photo creds: Sergej Gratchev
I have returned from a sailing across Arctic waters. You can read about it in English on Polar Cape's blog, where several more posts are upcoming soon, and also in Swedish on Cornucopia? blog: generally about the Northeast passage, then about the rules and rule changes, that shortened the trip, then about the current possibilities for travel in Arctic Russia that I have found through on-site research. I nevertheless tried to get as far as possible, so you can read here about the start in Arctic Norway, and my adventures at sea off the polar coast of Russia.

The beautiful Western coast of Sweden
After returning, I did a couple of local gigs, including guard and sailing coach. I did a bit of work on my boat, and enjoyed the Swedish West Coast.

After that, I engaged in a trip to Eastern Europe, as an organiser and guide. The customer needed to do research about specific points of interest, and to cover the ongoing events. I contributed with both planning and on-site support such as translating and research.

The apocalyptic landscapes of an Eastern European military area, september 2017
The next trip is upcoming just in a few days - I will sail across open ocean from Fiji to New Zealand, where winter is just turning to spring. Until then, there are tons of administrative tasks to complete. The lecture bookings for autumn-winter are open. The biggest one until now is going to be on 26/10 in Stockholm, grab your tickets here. There have been a few interviews, watch my FB page for updates on articles. I will be interviewed on Swedish Radio today - stay alert right after 16:00 CEST!