I've listened to you.

Amidst the Arctic ice, the year I started my career as professional adventurer. 
I've been listening closely. What I understand is that a lot of people are scared or at least uneasy. They talk incessantly about the disease, but mostly about what is being done and not being done. There is a lot of distrust and criticism towards government, institutions and authorities. There is a lot of discontent and negative thoughts about the future.

I understand the fear. Fear is part of my profession, I know how it works I know how little is needed to curb it - or to have it turn into an unstoppable power that finishes you. So let us be careful there. Fear creates negative feelings, which in turn create more fear. In the end, there's nothing else left. I promise that your mental health will improve by not constantly reading about the situation, and above all by not constantly debating it. I'm not asking to close your eyes and turn away from what's happening, I'm just saying that it's wise to keep it to the need-to-know basis. What information do you really need?

The reason is that no matter how close you follow the news, updates, facts and opinions, or how much you talk about them, you will not be able to affect the overall situation - like the spread of pandemic or what different countries currently do about it. The negativity just piles up, together with hate. It's easy to point fingers in hindsight, but we forget that there is no single right decision that should have been made to make all of this go away. This is not how it works.

Focusing on how it "could have been" is a black hole that will devour all your energy. This is true no matter what is bothering you - a bad relationship or the world pandemic. Stop looking into the rear view mirror, look forward instead and navigate - and concentrate on your life first, don't try to run the country's health service. I know it's tempting, I know you're really good and could have done it all a hundred times better, but that weight is not on your shoulders, be happy about that. Turn to more important things now, and here is what they are.

Your focus should be on is the immediate things you can affect, by yourself, in your life. It will give you a feeling of control, and will result in productivity and a feeling of accomplishment. This in turn will result in less fear, and an ability to see and think clearer for a start.

One thing is not to lose momentum in your daily occupation. Another is to exercise self-care, regardless of what it means to you - going for a run, getting a long shower, making a healthy snack, or calling a friend. Then there is the fantastic opportunity to consume arts - read a book, watch a concert online, listen to new or old music. Take time to create yourself - write that book, play an instrument, or scribble some drawings, whatever will suit you. Learn something new - a language, a craft. Upgrade.

Now, if you want to feel that you are making a bigger impact, if you want to grasp some control over the wider situation, then there are ways to do that too - that are much more productive than just talking about it over and over again. If you think that politicians are idiots: get involved in politics and change it for the better. If you think that authorities are taking bad decisions: get a relevant education within the area that you want to have expertise in. Then work with it for years, do research, read papers, acquire experience - so at the end, you can be the one affecting the decision making.

Of course that's too far away and you want to make a difference now. Good thing is, there are actually endless possibilities to do that too! Get involved in the volunteer work, getting groceries and meds for the risk groups. You'll be saving lives, and relieving the medical care units from getting more patients. Contact your municipality, they are doubtlessly looking for new employees helping with the necessary work, whatever it may be. If you cannot do any medical tasks, you'll be able to do administrative or physical work. If you cannot do the physical work then at least you can talk to people and provide some comfort. The charity organisations out there are also in dire need of help - active or by donation. The need for helping the less fortunate and the needing has not disappeared just because the focus is somewhere else - but the possibilities are diminishing because of quarantine and sick leaves. You are needed out there, and you can do wonders for other people. Stop talking, start acting.

So what do we do with the fear? We channel it. I understand that people are generally scared of either dying, or losing whatever feels familiar and comfortable. So make sure then to make use of whatever familiar and comfortable we still have in our lives - and make use of the life that we are still living!

The uncertainty of the future then? You can always complain later, but please do not mourn what has yet not happened. Be happy instead for what you have today. So, no more Corona-surfing or debating for you today. It's time to make use of this wonderful life.
Malacka Strait sailing a year ago. Life goes on!