Fancy sailing: Swedish East coast

At the helm of a 50 ft schooner that I helped transport along the East coast to Stockholm. A short and sweet sail, with very little wind. I gave it all by dressing up for the occasion. Some really fancy sailing!

A short overnight stop was made, right across a military zone, in peace and quiet of the Stockholm archipelago. No shootings training during this time. We did not use the cannon either... However, cutlasses may have been involved.

Passing Dalarö Fort

Hoping to get into the water soon enough. There are some deliveries to be made. But then I would be missing the high season of Scandinavian crag climbing. We'll see what the future brings. For now, tune in the radio as I will be talking about how it's possible to have a great time and enjoy life despite Covid situation. Not only sailing and climbing, I promise!