Kullaberg weekend: climbing and sight-seeing

During a climbing session at Kullaberg.

Last weekend, I revisited the beautiful peninsula of Kullaberg. It's a relatively short drive from where I live, and there is so much to see there! I've been here before, here's a mad photo on Instagram where I'm free-climbing a short portion of the cliffs.

This time, there was a possibility to get a few more photos, which I'm very happy and thankful for! Usually, your buddy is busy climbing, so taking photos is not safe, but this time I got help from Lars to get some shots. It's difficult to see the height of the cliffs, but you can see the sea water far below.

Getting back into the saddle! Only upwards, only forwards.

To start with, there is the climbing. Kullaberg has got world-class crags, there's something for everyone. No matter what the weather is, it's always possible to find a protected place with many different routes. The water meets the cliffs down below, and it's breathtakingly beautiful.

From the top, I snapped this photo of another climber at the same cliff section. She's also an on-call fireman!

Me and a friend from Skåne climbed for a while, attempting a very nice chimney among others. The sun was warm, and while the cold northern wind was ripping at the vegetation on the top, we were protected by the warm cliffs while climbing. The chimney was still cold, otherwise it was t-shirt weather in my opinion!

Chimney climbing in Kullaberg

Inside of a chimney, solving the upclimb

For me, it was the first step of getting back into the saddle after the accident in the swedish mountains in February. Proving to myself I still can climb, even though I need to choose the easier routes, is an important step - and through baby steps, I'm heading back to where I was before. I'm still recovering, but I believe I'll be good as new in just a couple of weeks from now!

It's not only about the climbing. Amazingly beautiful surroundings are waiting to be discovered!

Apart from climbing, Kullaberg has great walks, beautiful lighthouses, some nice caves, and nature to admire. A path that is unmarked on any official map leads to the rocky beach along a steep terrain, probably difficult in wet weather. Suddenly it turns into an artwork, you come into it and become a part of it. You also enter a micro-nation, Ladonia. The long-debated Nimis is still there to fascinate and to draw crowds of adventure-seekers, art lovers, and just curious tourists. The debate and the juridical processes around it are all considered a part of the conceptual art. The structures are organic, as if built by an alien civilization of insect-like beings, on a planet with less gravitation that ours.

Sculpture of Nimis, a detail.

Nimis too can be climbed - at your own risk! My professional interest in the hazards had me asking about the local rescue efforts, and my guess was correct - there are a lot of people getting stuck or injured around here, mostly on the way here or back. For those that are humble about their capabilities, there are possibilities to carefully walk around. A fixed rope is put in place at the steepest part.

The nearby sculpture of Arx is also epic, resembling something from yet another civilization. Probably termite-like aliens, the organic shapes towering against the maritime horizon. The story behind it is as fascinating as Nimis. It's supposed to be a book about the "unsayable", and is also registered as a book, stones marked with numbers to represent pages - so that it was protected by the law of free speeach and publishing, just like a regular book is.

The sculptures of Arx.

The artist himself is highly debated, because of more modern controversies. You can read more about him here. He has produced lots of books, one being about using authorities as an art medium.

Apart from controversial art, there is a lot of other down-to-earth creations to enjoy. This is the well-known pottery area, Höganäs being the most known place, and there are more tiny potteries, garden shops and cafés. At any tiny village, you can find pittoresque places to have a Swedish Fika; one of my favourite is of course the Fire Station in Mölle. The old station was rebuilt to become a café and a small shop, retaining all the charm and beauty of a vintage small town by the sea.

A gazebo by the vinyards, made for resting and enjoying life. A perfect after-climb!

The agriculture blooms in the Kullaberg microclimate. The lamb are grazing in the green grass. You can find farms growing asparagus, tomatoes, strawberries, and lots of flower markets. And last, but not least - apple and grape farms. Here is a great place to taste Swedish wine from locally produced grapes, at three vineyards at least. Also, dry cider is being made. I'll be working on an article concerning the wine only - stay tuned!

The food tradition here is amazing. Perfect to be enjoyed by the sea, with a glass of local wine.

Yes, you guessed correctly, I'm already longing to get back. The spring/summer season is already here, in contrast to where I usually live and climb - the nights are still freezing cold, and it hails or snows during daytime despite the bright April sun in between. But at the moment, I'm preparing for yet another adventure to take place in early May. I'll tell you more in the next post.