Volunteering for Ukraine

The blog has not been updated since quite a time, and that's for a reason. Nowadays I spend most of my time doing volunteer work. This has been sparked by the war in Ukraine. When there is a war in Europe, a lot of things change. I can no longer do mountaineering and fight for the summit, when I know that very near me, people are fighting for their lives. Of course, I've done the assignments I have had planned since a long time ago, and I will report about them. But apart from that, I've been working as a volunteer, without payment or rest, since end of February. I'll tell you more about that in a second.

One of the fire trucks that were transported to Ukraine

I also had an assignment as a head of IT department, since October 2021. That's the main reason why the blog has been stagnant during the autumn and winter - it's been challenging with a lot of tasks to complete and a lot of development potential (to put it mildly) in the department. However, the situation was not tolerable. My superior did not agree to give me time off work despite the start of the war. I did not even have time to call my relatives and check if they are alive. That's not a way to treat employees, and this creates enormous stress which does not go well together with sustainable performance. There were a few more critical errors in how they treated personnel, which I had discussed with them to no avail. So I asked to discontinue my assignment as head of department - but was forced to work another three months. I did a lot in the organisation in less than a year, and I'm very proud of the change that I've carried through. And I will definitely miss the crew whose support for me as a leader kept me going throughout all times.

Now, I share my time between working as a firefighter, lecturing, and volunteering for Ukraine. I've collaborated with an organisation called Swedish Rescuers, with the focus on emergency vehicles. I've helped fund, acquire, equip, and drive ambulances and fire trucks to Ukraine. Because I know the language, it's easy to have a contact with the final recepient, and have a discussion about what to send and when.

On the Ukrainian border

At the moment, I'm preparing for the tenth trip to Ukraine delivering vehicles. As per today, we've delivered 5 ambulances and casevac vehicles, 8 firetrucks of dirrefent sizes, 5 other vehicles for evacuation and transportation of staff and equipment, 3 boats for water rescue, and a few drones for the rescuers to use. We're soon ready to transport 5 more firetrucks and other vehicles, and we work with several recepients such as hospitals.

This all takes a lot of time to administrate, and that's why I haven't been updating around here. I have however made reports in Swedish, which you can find here.

The first and second trip, the third (here and here), fourth (and here are some media reports), sixth, seventh, eigth, and soon there will be the tenth. In all reports, you will be able to see the faces of the team, and read about those who have helped to make this happen.

Driving one of the firetrucks, that will save lives in Ukraine

I will be away working as a volunteer during a bit longer period of time, as an individual initiative. This means I will not be available for replies. You can check my Twitter or Instagram for updates!

There may be updates about other trips I've made, and other adventures - but at the moment, I have to focus on the now. Also, I'm still preparing for the coming Sydney to Hobart, where I will once again race with my favourite team! You can bet there will be reports of that, too.

But now I'm combining my previous experience as a professional adventurer (planning and carrying out trips in challenging environments) with all the experience as manager and project lead, and the experience as a firefighter, and channeling it all into this volunteering work. With all the hope for the victory soon, let's all do what we can!

You can support my work with Paypal: paypal.me/lenawilderang or by email if you have an emergency vehicle to donate.