Book release: Solroseffekten

Solroseffekten, Lena Wilderäng, 2024 Mondial

Boom! On February 24 2024, two years since the start of full scale occupation war in Ukraine, my book "Solroseffekten" will be released. The translation is "Sunflower effect". A signed copy of the book can be pre-ordered from my publiching house Mondial - at the moment, it's still possible, but after 24th of February, it will be wildly available in book stores.

It is an account of the journey that took me from the warm and safe bed at home, to the frequently shelled firefighting station a couple of kilometers from the front line in eastern Ukraine. At the same time, the story is about the inner journey, from trying to find out how to help in the best way - to the deeper question of why we help altogehter, and what drives and motivates us in difficult decisions in life.

It is a story about war, about those who managed to escape and those who stayed behind. About soldiers, children and babushkas. But it is also about courage, morality and humanity. The metaphor of the sunflower, with its profound symbolism, is the red thread throughout the narrative.

I wrote the book to be able to tell about my own life and what I've done over the last two years, but also to tell about other people who have been there along the way. It is never possible to tell everyone's story. But I hope to give other fellow human beings - volunteers, firefighters, and just occasional helpers - an opportunity to smile in recognition. Also, I hope to give a voice to the Ukrainians I have met. I want to be able to open the door into Ukraine in order to give a glimpse at the beauty that lives side by side with the horror. I also open up my private door and show what has happened behind the scenes. Finally, I hope to share a little of the excitement, suspense and action that often arises when travelling within Ukraine.

By buying the book, you support my continued work to help war-affected Ukraine. And by buying and giving away a copy as a gift, you can contribute to opening up that world even to those who don't follow the development. It is needed, I believe.

The books that are pre-ordered are sent as soon as the book is printed and signed.

I have been writing at home, in the car, on buses and planes, on a sailing boat, on trains and Ubers. It's been quite a lot of work - and a lot of work is left. There are a lot of interviews at the moment - both with the large media companies, Swedish television, Swedish Radio and major newspapers and magasines. At the same time, there are more nisched papers, such as the firefighter's magasines, that are covering this. It will be exciting to see how the book is received.

I will be signing the newly released book in Gamla Stans Bokhandel, the bookstore in central Stockholm (Old City), on the release date 24/2 2024 at 14-15.

There be a writer's interview and a book talk, freely available to the public, at the same place (Gamla Stans Bokhandel), 1/3 at 17-18. Hope to see as many as possible there, will be awesome to receive questions and feedback about the book!