Why not a superyacht? You can come too!

The sailing superyacht seen from the above. Quite a dream? In fact, reality.

Now I will tell you about something I have wanted to write about during a long time, but never got to it. So here goes!

During last Spring, just as the pandemic wave swept over the whole world and made everything uncertain, I got an opportunity to jump onboard a very daring project.

Ocean crossing wave. All of my projects are quite daring - but this one is different.

I was contacted by the skipper and owner of Ocean Gem - the boat I've competed in Sydney to Hobart in 2017 and 2019, won Brisbane-HI race, and crossed Tasman Sea on. 

David Hows runs the Ocean Sailing Podcast at the same time as racing and expedition sailing, and has been awarded the Queensland Offshore Sailor title among others. You probably recognize him from the podcast episodes I have been sharing - many sailors do, especially in Australia and New Zealand where he mainly sails.

David had a proposition, for that time exclusively for those who had already sailed and raced with him. He was looking into bigger boats for the coming expeditions and racing, and had found a 72 ft sailing boat, more of a superyacht. Given the Corona situation, there was a possibility to buy it for a very good price. However, he'd need investors to get her up to speed - here is the podcast episode he recorded at that moment, called "Honey I bought a superyacht". This was about the time when I got to hear about this. 

He packaged the proposition so that a few exclusive memberships were offered, with a high payoff (the larger the investment, the higher the dividends). With a full investment return after 5 years, a fair deal of gift vouchers and discounts on sailing events/expeditions etc, and a sound risk plan, it was a no-brainer. So almost exactly a year ago, I became a superyacht investor! At that time, the memberships were getting oversubscribed, but I was lucky.

The beautiful 72 ft expedition yacht is called Silver Fern.

My plan was to come and sail during the racing events and expeditions, but with the current restrictions that was not possible. Instead, I could follow the yacht sailing between all the amazing destinations down under, and be happy for the guests and crew - at the same time seeing how the investments are steadily put into use, and cared for. Here is the full info about the yacht - or you can see the short video below to have a glance.

As the Covid19 situation is rapidly changing for the better, I hope to be away sailing along Silver Fern soon, maybe already during the coming winter. But even if I would not sail it at all, it's still a great investment - with the dividents ticking, and the buy-back guarantee making sure that I'll have the money back. Of course, I'm putting all the extra money into my own boat. But there is no chance I can own a superyacht by myself - therefore it's great to be able to enjoy only the best parts of it, and also get a revenue.

Race is on! Photo creds: adventuresofasailorgirl.com and oceansailingpodcast.com

The first investor memberships were sold out within just days. In fact there was an over-subscription, so now David had open an opportunity for anyone - sailors or regular investors - to come along for the journey. 

The new investment round will cover the latest upgrades and reparations, as well as provide even better conditions for revenue growth. In return, you get a payback that you would only dream of if you keep that amount of money sitting in the bank. And as the term is finished, you get back the investment.

Welcome on board!

To apply, you can contact David through the site, where all the information can be found, including the business plan, terms and conditions etc. Here is a podcast episode describing the ongoing work and investments from December this year, and also the opportunity to invest at the moment. You will see the amount of commitment David is putting into this project - truly remarkable.

As you can see, the conditions for investments are quite advantageous, so the amount of investors are limited. There are still spots left at the time of writing, so I'm very happy to forward this opportunity to blog readers that feel interested. Say hello from me, and hurry up before this opportunity also gets oversubscribed.

Sail on, friends! Life is beautiful.

(This post is not sponsored by any way, neither do I get a kickback from recruiting new investors. David is a friend and a sailor I'd trust with my life, and I sincerely hope that the support will grow even more. Also, I want to give this opportunity to my readers, as it is quite exclusive and one of a kind. Consider it a favour from one adventure lover to another.)