Sailing log

Updated sailing log.

May to June 2010: preparations and gradual sail-off to a circumnavigation
June to September 2010: sailing from Göteborg up the West Coast of Sweden, from Sweden to Norway, crossing the North Sea to Scotland. Loch Ness, Caledonian Canal, "Whisky Isles" Jura and Islay. Scotland - Ireland, Bay of Biscay to Spain, further to Portugal and Spain. 2239 nM
September - October 2010: Gibraltar - Madeira - Canary Islands 887 nM
November 2010: Crossing the Atlantic from Canary Islands to St Maarten 2770 nM
Winter 2011: Bought own boat in BVI as skipper. Sailed from Tortola to Sint Maarten, and stayed there for some reparations and equipping.
Spring 2011: Cruising in the West Indies. Visited 16 islands, apprx 10 countries, and sailed 667 nM.
May 2011: Continuing Westwards to Colombia and Panama. 1300 nM
June 2011: Arrived in Pacific Ocean after crossing the Panama Canal.
August to November 2011: Pacific crossing from Panama via Galapagos across the pond to Taiaro and Apataki in Tuamotu, Bora Bora, Aitutaki and Palmerston Atoll at Cook Islands, Niue, across the date-time line, to Tonga, Fiji. 6787 nM
Nov-Dec 2011: Fiji to Vanuatu where the boat was hauled out. 691 nM
October 2013: sailing in Greece (Cyclades), skipper for a crew of 9. 208 nM
May-June 2015: sailing in Oslo fjord, different boats.
Summer 2015: sailing from Tromsø, Norway to Svalbard. 760 km
Summer 2016. Swedish West coast 66 nM
Summer 2016: Faroe Islands - Iceland. 345 nM
Summer 2016: East coast of Greenland, Greenland to Iceland  1262 nM
November-December 2016: Solent and Northern English Channel, winter sailing
February-March 2017: Jamaica - Turks and Caicos 337 nM
May 2017: Single-handed a yacht from South Sweden, northwards 165 nM
May 2017: Yacht delivery Sweden-Norway 180 nM
June 2017: Svalbard (Isfjorden, Nordfjorden)
July 2017: North-East passage attempt
August-September 2017: Swedish West Coast, day sails
October 2017: Fiji - New Zealand 1177 nM
December 2017: Rolex Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race about 668 nM
Summer 2018: daysailing Sweden (W and E coast), Norway (Oslo Fjord). 50ft schooner, 27ft yacht.
June - July 2018: Archangelsk to Kirkenes. monohull of 37 ft, crew of 5 in total. 630 nM
July 2018: Tromsø-Lofoten-Bodø, Norwegian Arctic. 282 nM
March 2019: Malaysia - Thailand, 355 nM
April 2019: New Zealand - Australia, 1681 nM
August 2019: Southport - Brisbane 43 nM, Brisbane - Hamilton Island 545 nM, HI - Airlie Beach 30 nM = 618 nM.
December 2019: Rolex Sydney to Hobart Race, watch captain and helmsman, about 629 nM
Summer 2020: Stockholm and Swedish East Coast. 50 ft schooner. About 75 nM.
August 2020: South of Toulon. 47 ft multihull. About 35 nM
April - May 2021: Mediterranean France - Gibraltar - Atlantic Spain. 47 ft multihull. About 834 nM
July 2021: sailing to Marstrand and 2 days of training around the island. Skipper on 27 ft monohull. About 50+20 nM
August 2021: Outing to Pater Noster, then a separate night sail along Swedish West coast. Skipper on 27 ft monohull, with 3 crew per trip. About 14+56 nM
September 2021: Western Greenland, Upernavik-Aasiaat. Crew on steel ketch. Apprx 472 nM
October 2021: Mallorca to Port de Camargue, France. Crew on 47 ft multihull. Apprx 240 nM
June 2022: Corsica to Antibes. Crew on 47 ft multihull. Apprx 152 nM
December 2022: Southport to Sydney, 72 ft steel yacht, apprx 732 nM
December 2022: Rolex Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race. Watch captain and helmsman. 747 nM
August-September 2023: Cairns - Lizard Island - Torres Strait - Gulf of Carpentaria and East Arnhem - Cobourg psla - Darwin. Crew, watch captain, Chief Mate. 72 ft steel yacht. 1415 nM

Total as per end of September 2023: 29,546 nM, including 3,751 nM in Arctic and immediate Subarctic. 9,958 nM as skipper.

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Sailing through the ice in Greenland, Summer 2016