Saba and Mt Scenery

Mt Scenery, Saba, Dutch Caribbean - November 2019
This time, I did not go to Caribbean to sail. I was bitterly missing the trade winds filling the white sails and sending the boat forth across the bluest seas - but this time, I only had a few days and they had to be filled with other assignments. Apart from everything else, I would be guiding activities and helping out with research. But what a place to do research in!

Arriving to Saba by plane means landing in the world's smallest and most difficult runway.
After living in the Caribbean for six months (and doing numerous other trips to the area) I have learned about the life on the islands, the heritage and the traditions, the hidden gems and secret spots. Sure, a few things have changed, especially after the devastation caused by Irma. But most of it remains the same.

View from Mt Scenery
The itinerary included the sailing hub of Sint Maarten, a bit deserted at this time of the year. Then, the island of Saba was the next place. The highest peak of Netherlands is located there, and of course it had to be summitted. Just like on Faeroe Islands, France, Norway, Sweden, Spain, Russia or elsewhere when the highest peak is present, it has to be climbed. Mont Scenery is not one of the highest in the Caribbean, but however is included in the top 20 prominent summits.

The two of us were the only ones on the hikes. Here, the view straight down from the cliff on top.

Finally, there was research to be done in historical St Barth. For me, it was also the climax of an adventure that had started about 10 years ago - I will be writing more about that. Snorkeling an airplane wreck was anyway a first for me.

View to the mountain village below, from the trail, through the clouds

I also had great possibilities to revisit previous research, sort out published and unpublished articles, do a fair bit of writing, and publish some new materials. The update on the Caribbean islands is now available as part of the Circumnavigation log that I have compiled.

Great to be reunited with my old home. Also a nice opportunity to do some running, uphill hiking, swimming and other sports! A good sort of kickoff before the Swedish winter.

Rainforest on Mt Scenery